STEM Incubators is a non-profit, community based charity organisation initiated by a group of volunteers based out of Melbourne and running successfully for more than 2 years.

We mainly focus on incubating experiment based innovation for kids of the age group 7 to 16. At STEM incubators the life is all about curiosity and passion and we strongly believe that each individual brings in a unique set of strengths in this innovation journey and he/she can enjoy it better in a collaborative ecosystem.

At STEM incubators, every day is new and engaging. Our volunteers develop programatic approaches to innovate and engage in solving real-world problems, eventually supporting the cause of bringing Australia as the forerunner in creating Intellectual assets in the digital world.

We run tailor made term based and holiday programs around curiosity based learning, Design Thinking, Communication, Leadership, Problem solving/ Critical thinking,Technology (Including Scratch, Python, Raspberry Pi, Robotics).


Sri Karthikeyan

Coding (Developed this website)

Kaushik Vaidya

Game ideas

Zaina Sail


Rehaan Salil

Coding (Developed this website)

Naishada Thiyagarajan

Writing and Drawing

Archidha Varma

The Arts

Kavin Padmanaban

Facts and History

Dishia Muralidharan


Kishore Vaidya







As part of our teaching is based on technology. We cover many enjoyable things such as 3D printing, an assortment of programming languages according to our age groups, and robotics.

Computer Science

Understanding the way the computers work while the kids are deep into reaping the benefits of the work done in the background.

We teach children of the way computers work and the science and technology behind it.


Although we don’t teach mathematics as a subject in itself we include mathematics in a various amount of subjects such as design, problem solving and even in computer science. 

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Engineering to perfection is a core competency that is essential for the kids of the future. The focus on core elements of Engineering in the day to day tasks and the projects is something kids have to be aware of and we focus on bringing the value.


"Kindling Your Curiosity"

These workshops are run by Mr. Matthew Murrie and aims to explore a different topic along with collaborative challenges connected to the main question or challenge; how we should harness the creativity among kids centered on the meaning of learning not just from the school. Also, they all rely on a similar Curiosity Based Learning structure like the content for learning. Presentation of content to establish the focus, learning objectives, or topic of the specific lesson; can be presented in slide-based interactions, and/or Curiosity Based Learning processes (e.g. What? to Wow! process). The Curiosity Kick-Off Activity is a perfect example of this. The participants interact with the content for learning in ways that encourage their learning to trigger their curiosity and make personal and relevant connections to the content for learning. They will develop a project based on something they learned from their learnings, and present to the community, to enlargen their involvement with the interaction of the content for learning and take more responsibility for their learning.


Our junior program has been a success. They have been learning a variety of scratch projects. They are also getting started with getting familiar with the concepts of design thinking. The juniors consists of children in the 5 – 8 year old age group. At the moment, the junior group consists of 10+ students and we hope to grow this population. If you have any inquiries regarding this, please contact us via the form at the bottom of the page.


This project focuses on young children’s creative and social play and STEM-based learning with technologies as well as approaches for consulting with young children under eight. This program explores children’s play with internet-enabled toys, example robotic toys, alongside children’s, parent’s and practitioner’s opinions and perspectives of such toys. We explore children’s everyday experiences in both home and early childcare and education while they engage with internet-connected toys, in order to present a rich overview of children’s STEM play practices in an everyday context.

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